Goodbye Ramona

Today it was time to say goodbye to Ramona.

Ramona came to us from the Seattle Animal Shelter in March 2011.

She was a bit of a wild child, not tame, and feisty as ever.

She looked a lot like O’Malley, but smaller. She was O’Malley’s mini-me and they got along really well.

Ramona was known for having a bit of an attitude, and she quickly earned the name “Ramona Monster.”

She was the only scovy to stand up to Cindy Buttons, who can be quite a bully herself.

She was an active, fun kid. And always up to a bit of mischief.

Unfortunately, in August she wasn’t feeling well, and we found out she had a tumor. Most of the tumor was removed and biopsied, where we learned she had aggressive lymphoma.

We almost put her down while she was in surgery when we learned they couldn’t remove the whole tumor. But something told me she still had time. So we had them close her up and we brought her home. She did a few rounds of antibiotics and had been on steroids since then, to keep the lymphoma at bay.

This gave her more time to ask for more treats.

More time to stand up to Cindy Buttons.

more time
And more time to intimidate and haze the new girl, Lenora Bea.

For all of her sass and attitude, Ramona Monster was still a very sweet and funny girl. Since August, I’ve had to pick her up every morning and bring her in the house for a pill. And every day she fought me like Mohamad Ali. She could float like a butterfly and smack me in the face with a wing, like a giant monster bee. Lately she wasn’t fighting as much, and I knew that meant her time was short. In the last few days, she could no longer eat, even though she wanted to. And she also had some balance issues. It was time to say goodbye.

So goodbye, sweet Ramona Monster. Safe travels to whatever’s next for you. And thank you for your time here with us at Ducks and Clucks. We will miss your strong spirit and your attitude and sass. Give ’em hell, Ramona. And much love.


Rest in Peace

22. December 2012 by Silly Human
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