This page is updated when we take in new rescues that require veterinary care or special transport. PLEASE NOTE: We are not a non-profit so donations are NOT tax deductible. But every cent goes towards veterinary care and medications for our rescues.

Our rescue fund was started in memory of Kozmo Kirby duck. He was the son of Flapper & Georgie (who have also passed on).

Kozmo Kirby was a big lug of a duck with a sweet, lovable personality. If you donate to this fund, it is definitely “for a good Koz.” All donations go towards veterinary care, food and travel expenses related to rescuing waterfowl.

NOTE: Donations are NOT tax deductible. We are NOT a non-profit.

No funds are used to care for our permanent resident “family members.” Funds are only for current rescues (not rescues we decided to keep in the past who are now family).

These are just some of the rescued animals helped by generous donations to the Kozmo Kirby Memorial Fund. Thank you for your donations!

Botulism ducklings
Hei Hei
Magna muscovy
Si the scovy guy
Herriman Library muscovy
handicapped feed store chicks
Gosling transports
Maude leg drain
Storm grate ducklings
Big Buddha
Half Pint
Kenny leg drain
Crispin duckling
Quail transport
Robin transport
Duckling transport
Pigeon transport
Rah Rah
Dot the pocket chicken
Demetra the handicapped hen
Brownie’s wing amputation
Dusty Lagoon’s leg drain
Rescued broiler chickens
Star the starling
Bertie & Tuca
Sick mallard euthanasia
Ridley’s leg drain
Tony the tiger duck
Dumped ducks rescue and placement
Fishing line pick-ups
Dumped muscovy ducklings rescue and rehome
Scott’s pond pekins
Highland Glen rescues
O’Malley the mallard in an alley
Wheeler & Hopper
Gentle Ben
Sully’s leg drain
Doogie’s leg drain
Little Quack

Juliet-Pumpkin goose and Sherman duck: Veterinary bills for surgery to remove 6 airgun pellets from the goose’s bill, jaw, wing, body and knee. Removal of a pellet from the duck and surgery on blocked esophagus. These two are from the Golden Pond shootings in Orem, UT.

Chester Sugarmont: Rescue and vet care for a dumped park duck who was starving and unable to walk normally. He has recovered and is now a permanent flock member.

Sugarhouse Ducks: Capture, transport and relocation of dumped ducks at a frozen park pond to a pond with other rescues that doesn’t freeze over.

Pidgey: Capture and transport of a sick/injured pigeon to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Sully: Transportation help for an injured gull in need of a ride to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Duck: Help with the veterinary bill for a duck in need.

Pidgey: An injured pigeon, probably from a car strike, who recovered in a few days and was released. Also transported two rescued crows and an injured goose to other wildlife care facilities.

Lionel Ernest: A little male buff-mallard hybrid duck with a big attitude and a serious foot infection.

Miles: A male rouen duck with a bum leg. He is undergoing antibiotic treatment here in hopes he can regain use of his leg and be able to fend for himself at a forever home.

Monroe: A female Chinese swan goose who was dumped at Magnuson Park wetlands with her mate Cowboy. Monroe was attacked by an off-leash dog at the park. After being rescued, she tried to recover from her wounds with vet care for 2-weeks but couldn’t recover. She passed away peacefully at home on January 10, 2012.

Cowboy: A male saddleback pomeranian goose who was dumped at Magnuson Park wetlands with his mate Monroe, and transported to Baahaus sanctuary, his forever home.

Danny: A female runner duck who was found in a ditch and untreated for over a week. She had swallowed metal and was near death from infection and metal poisoning.

Ramona: A female muscovy who was found at a light rail station and turned in to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Ramona became part of our family.

Benson & Reggie: Two young muscovy drakes dumped at a lake in Federal Way, WA. Both required extensive medical care for infections and parasites. They now live at Baahaus Animal Rescue Group on Vashon Island in Washington.

Lester Leroy: A severely handicapped crested runner duck with cayuga coloring who was attacked by a dog and suffered nerve damage and septic arthritis. Lester was taken in as a family member after being treated by the Bird & Exotic Clinic in Seattle.

George Goose: George was rescued from a public pond in Spokane, WA. Temporarily staying at Flapper’s house for treatment of a broken foot/foot infection.

Larry Turk & Rex: Two muscovy drakes rescued from a public park in Mill Valley, WA. Larry Turk is now at Baahaus Animal Sanctuary. Rex has passed on.

Racquel L’Oreal & Olivia: Two chickens rescued with their handicapped duck friend Sunny, Sunny, who unfortunately had to be put down. (Racquel has passed, but Olivia is going strong).

Sam & Lily: Two beautiful silver appleyards rescued from severe neglect that killed their companion June.

Jake the Drake: We never actually met Jake, because we had too many other rescues here. But we paid for his vet bills with help from the Kozmo Kirby Rescue Fund.

Frank the Tank: A muscovy drake shot with a bb-gun in Lake Stevens, WA. Rehabilitated and placed in a forever home.

Eddie: A call duck who flew Alaska Air to his new forever home near Phoenix, AZ.

Nim, a rouen duck, Jefferey, a muscovy boy, and more!