Lucky and Stella

Do you guys remember Stella? She was a rescued duck who stayed with us in late 2011 while we found a forever home for her. Her name was “April Shadow” then.

She found an amazing home with a handsome guy named Willard who had just lost his buddy Peepers to a tumor.

Unfortunately, yesterday Willard passed on from old age and cancer. So Stella needed a new buddy to keep her company and help her grieve the loss of her best buddy Willard.

lucky closeup
We’ve known Willard had cancer for almost 6-months, and that Stella would eventually need a new friend, so I decided Lucky would be a good match for her. Lucky is a smaller duck, handsome and healthy and young.

And even though he liked it here with his buddies, especially Miles and Lionel, I thought he deserved the chance to have a girlfriend all his own.

lucky doodle
So today, Lucky went to his new home. I tried to give Lucky a pep talk this morning, but he was too busy doodling in the mud and the pools to pay attention.

When the time came to go to his new home, he knew something was up. I tried to reassure him that he’d love his new place, but realistically it will take a few days for him to learn the new routine before he feels comfortable and safe.

I can’t help but laugh at this video of Lucky meeting Stella for the first time. Stella couldn’t stay with us permanently because she was too loud for our neighborhood, and you can definitely hear that on the video. I knew Lucky would follow her to feel safe, but I didn’t realize she would wonder “WHY IS THIS GUY FOLLOWING ME!???” She cracks me up.

Luckily, less than an hour later, they were both enjoying their awesome pool together. And we just got this note from Lucky and Stella’s people:

“Stella is in the big pond… she hasn’t been in it since Willard got sick. After 5 minutes Lucky ran out of the pen and hopped in with her! They are really enjoying each other.”

Lucky and Stella have an even BIGGER pond than the one shown here. This is their predator-proof day pen and they sleep inside a garage at night. When supervised, they have a bigger pond and that’s what Stella was showing Lucky today. I think it’s really sweet that she’s showing him around and he’s following her lead.

We are really happy that Lucky is settling in so well. We know it will take a few days, but it already looks like they will be a very happy couple.

All our best to them together, and our condolences to Stella’s family on the loss of their sweet boy Willard.

17. December 2012 by Silly Human
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