Neighbor Kitty

Lately, we have a new kitty who hangs out with the ducks and clucks.

We’re not sure what this girl’s name is, but she loves to chill in and around and on the aviary and watch for rodents.

kansasShe takes her job pretty seriously, and does a good job. At first, she was hesitant to stick around if I was out in the yard.

But now she doesn’t care if I’m there, and just goes about her business.

The ducks still aren’t entirely sure what to make of her, but she’s so small that she’s not a threat to them.

She’s more interested in the little birdies and any rodents that might appear.

We’re not sure of her name, but we heard from a neighbor that she recently moved here from Kansas.

She’s been doing such a good job of keeping an eye on the aviary that I decided to promote her to the position of “Minister of Rodent Eradication.”

It’s tough to keep good workers motivated, but she’s a self-starter and very driven and committed to her work.

So welcome to the neighborhood, neighbor kitty. And welcome to your people, too.

Now get back to work.

16. June 2017 by Silly Human
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