INCOMING: New Magpie Girl

This has been a busy week for Ducks and Clucks! Lucky duck went to live with Stella on Monday, and just yesterday we had to bid farewell to sweet and sassy Ramona Monster, who succumbed to lymphoma after putting up a valiant 4-month fight.

Then today we took in the sweetest new little big duck, who doesn’t have a name yet.

little big
Isn’t she cute? She’s a magpie duck, and I think she was found scuffed up by the side of the road. A very nice woman rescued her and took her to a wildlife place, but since she’s a domestic duck, they couldn’t take her.

So through the powers of the interwebs, her rescuer found us and we agreed to take her in. This magpie girl was driven almost three hours to get to us, and I have to tell you… it’s a rare “good egg” who will drive a duck three hours to a new home. She’s lucky to have found such a nice rescuer.

Magpie girl is still a little skittish, but she enjoyed swimming and preening and eating today, and tonight she is tucked inside a pen inside the larger night pens so she can safely get to know Lionel and Miles, who will be her roommates. (Lionel is afraid of her so far, but I’m sure that will improve in a few days).

If you’ve been reading about Ducks and Clucks for a few years now, you might know that we used to have a super magpie duck here named Chewy Magooey. Magpies are known for their freckles and their striped feet.

Can you see the resemblance? This is Chewy. He was such a wonderful and sweet little guy, and the new girl reminds me of him already.

He was Flapper’s loyal sidekick, which made perfect sense since he had such amazing striped kicks.

We welcome the new kid and we’ll share her name as soon as she tells us what it is.

Until then, stay tuned, and keep quacking.

23. December 2012 by Silly Human
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