Just Another Day at the Office

This is week #2 at home after leaving my job for the great unknown. I’m trying to enjoy the break but it’s getting a little weird.

“Let’s talk about peas.”
My first meeting of the day was with Danny girl. She reminded me that this isn’t an office, so it wasn’t “a meeting” it was just our normal quality time.

But we had a super mission critical conversation about mitigating the single-threaded dependencies of our grocery supply chain. Basically she wanted to know that we weren’t going to run out of peas any time soon.

There was some talk at the water cooler about how the quarterly numbers were going to turn out, but the ducks don’t seem too worried just yet. I wish I could say the same for the chickens though.

Olivia wants to know if I’m looking for another job yet. I think she’s been talking to my dad. Sheesh, Livi… give me a break. It’s only been a week-and-a-half!

“Are you sure you’re okay?”
Olly Astro is just a little worried about me. I told her I’m okay.

“Are you really sure sure?”
Yep, Olly… I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.

Carol is willing to get a job herself if it comes to that, but I told her we’re all good for now, and for quite a while. We’re just taking a break.

Janet isn’t saying anything, but she keeps staring at me. She has decided to stand on me along with Cindy Buttons, to make sure I stay grounded, literally.

Cindy Buttons isn’t worried. She knows I’ll figure it out.

“You’ve got free time now. Take a memo. I want food. And some new toys. And a laser light.”
Simon thinks he’s suddenly in charge. He also thinks he’s my new laptop, and is constantly on top of my lap.

“Let’s party!”
But O’Malley has the right attitude. He is just going to enjoy this time off with me. So that’s my plan too.

In this time off, I’ve been relaxing and thinking and planning for whatever’s next. I’ve also been hanging out at the Magnuson wetlands, taking photos of this cedar waxwing and other birds.

It’s a peaceful place to reflect, and also to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. It’s a luxury to have a little bit of time to think between jobs, and we’re going to enjoy it. I needed some silence and down time.

Life is good. Rest is good. Breaks are good. And soon we’ll start to plan for a new challenge.

Until then… quacks and clucks.

Tiff & the flock

03. July 2012 by Silly Human
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