Crow Funeral

Heard a ruckus across the busy street and crossed over to find a whole murder of crows mourning the loss of this one. I’m not sure what happened but my guess is it was hit by a car and crawled a few feet to rest here. I hope it isn’t one of my yard crows.

The entire crow group showed up to hear the details and pay respects. You can hear them sharing the news as new crows fly in. The people who live in the nearby house came out to see what the problem was. I let them deal with the dead crow so my friendly crows don’t suspect me of doing any harm.

I put out some kibble for any crows who want to drop by. The equivalent of funeral potatoes in my own way. They have been carrying on for over 20 minutes now but the funeral is finally starting to break up.

Sorry crow. I hope you didn’t suffer.

30. June 2012 by Silly Human
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