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Little Lester Leroy doesn’t get as much camera time as the other kids because he is shy and also vulnerable. I have to keep him out of the reach of O’Malley and the other scovies, as well as Miles & Lucky. So he and his roommates Danny girl and Lionel are usually sequestered away in the aviary or pens.

He and Danny girl also don’t like to be out in the open. I think it makes them feel too vulnerable to predators, even though I’m there to keep them safe. They hide under shrubs to feel safe, which makes it tough to get good photos of them.

But his fans have requested “more Lester!” and we cannot refuse. Today we cleaned the big pond and let the little kids have some swim time before everyone else. They love the big pool, especially since they only get to use it a few times a week.

Lessie has a crush on Danny girl. She likes him very much but she also likes Lionel. Lester can’t get around as well as Danny can, so Lionel keeps her company when Lester can’t be there.

Here’s a little video of the three kids enjoying the pool today. Most of the quacking you can hear is actually from Miles & Lucky who were mad about being stuck on the other side of the aviary.

In other news, we got an email from someone who said there was an injured goose at Lake Union. We got a few more details (it’s a big lake) and went to see if we could find the goose. At first, we didn’t see any geese at all.

But then we saw a flock of them being fed by a man just across a small foot bridge. None of them looked injured at first, but then we saw this girl with a very bad limp. We had some scratch with us, so all the geese came right up to get their share of treats. This one hopped up to me and I just picked her right up. Then I began the awkward 400-yard walk back to my car while being questioned by everyone else in the park as to why I was taking one of the geese with me. The goose was also honking at everyone to let them know I was kidnapping her.

It’s never easy to take a goose from her flock, but she was injured and would only suffer a slow death at best. Geese get depressed really easily, but I’m hoping if her leg can be fixed she can be re-released back to her flock. She had to stay overnight in my dining room as I wasn’t really expecting to find her at the park, and hadn’t planned enough time to take her up to PAWS. She had some food, water, grasses and other treats to tide her over and she is now in the care of PAWS rehabilitators. If they can help her, they will. And if they can’t help her leg, she will at least have a peaceful, painless death.

Ramona is nesting again these days. We don’t hatch here, we only rescue. But just the thought of having little baby Ramona-O’Malley monsters running around is enough to scare the life right out of me. At least while she’s nesting, Petunia and O’Malley get extra quality time together. Ramona can be a pushy little punk, and Petunia is getting old. So they cherish the time they have away from Ramona.

Petunia even sang a song for O’Malley.

That’s about it for now from Ducks and Clucks. We’re still finding time to rest and recuperate after our last job. Luckily O’Malley is around to help us rest, and he’s really good at it.

Quack and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

08. July 2012 by Silly Human
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