Rest in Peace, Braveheart

Sadly, while I was visiting family in Utah and staying with my mom, her cat Braveheart passed away suddenly.

He was hanging out with us in the house and then went outside for a little less than an hour. When my mom opened the door to let him in, he was laying on his side on the porch, and he had just passed away.

He didn’t have any marks on him, no dirt or scuffs, no visible injuries and was very clean. No sign of poisoning or illness or anything else. It’s possible that he was hit by a car, but there are speed bumps in the neighborhood and he didn’t have any dirt or gravel on him. I think he may have just had heart failure or a stroke or aneurysm. Unfortunately we’ll never know for sure.

But we do know he was a very sweet kitty and will be missed very much. He was just over 12-years-old and very lovable. He wasn’t super fond of Roscoe the dog, but he tolerated him and maybe even liked him. He really liked his fellow cat Ebbe, even though she hides in the back of the house most of the time. They shared the bed together at night while Roscoe the dog was stuck on the floor.

Here he is as a kitten, one of seven that a pregnant rescued cat had at my sister’s house in Idaho. My mom adopted Braveheart along with Roscoe (the cat), who has since passed on. They are the two orange-and-white kittens in this video. Braveheart is featured prominently at about the :30 second mark to :50 seconds.

It’s very sad for my mom to lose Braveheart so suddenly, but he was a very good kitty to pass on the way he did. Whatever happened, he came home to the porch, which means she won’t have to search for him or wonder why he disappeared. He passed on suddenly, which means there are no vet bills and no end of life struggles about when it’s the right time to euthanize him. And he passed away while I was there, so I could help my mom take care of his body. Best of all, he didn’t suffer. Less than an hour before his passing he was jumping up on the counter and hanging out with us. He really couldn’t have passed on in a better way.

Rest in peace, Braveheart. You were a very, very good kitty.

09. March 2013 by Silly Human
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