Baby crow rescue

Today we got a message from a friend that a fledgling crow was in her son’s yard and in danger.

Normally it’s good to do all you can to keep a baby fledgling with its parents, but in this case, the home had dogs and the dogs had already gotten to the fledgling once. They had tried to keep their dogs away for 3-4 days hoping the baby crow would move on, but it still wasn’t flying.

As fledglings go, this was not the smartest one, or maybe he left the nest a little too early.

“Hey, who are you calling dumb?”
Sorry, baby crow. Let’s just say… half baked. The owners of the house needed to be able to let their dogs out and about, and the baby crow didn’t have enough fear. I was able to pick him right up, and the owners said he hopped right up to them and scared them the previous day.

“Do you have FOOD?!”
Baby crow was really hungry too, and seemed on the small and skinny side to me. So unfortunately I took him with me and took him up to PAWS for rehabilitation. The good thing is, when he’s fully grown and has a healthy fear of humans, they’ll be able to release him back near where I picked him up, so he can join his family again. He’ll also get some antibiotics, in case he has any dog cooties. We wish baby crow the best of luck.

In other news, Janet the chicken’s test results came back and she is all better from her infection now. Just another random day with ducks and clucks.

Happy weekend everyone,

Tiff and the flock

14. July 2012 by Silly Human
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