Update on Lionel Ernest

This is Lionel Ernest’s belly. He didn’t really want to show it to you but I had to hold him like this to take off his purple bandage that he got at the vet. And since his belly is so cute, I had to take a photo of it before taking off his purple bandage.

Sorry, Li Li.

Anyway, Lionel did great at the vet but unfortunately his infection is still lingering. It has improved, but it still has a long way to go. When Lionel arrived, his white blood count (WBC) was 32 (32,000). Two weeks later it was only down to 30, so we switched antibiotics. Today his WBC is down to 22, which is an improvement. But it needs to get down to between 8-13 ideally, so Lionel Ernest will stay on antibiotics for at least another two weeks.

I do think he is feeling better though. He is biting harder and he is harder to catch, which are both good signs for him! So stay tuned, and Lionel will stay on antibiotics for now.

31. May 2012 by Silly Human
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