Staycation Update

My staycation is still going well, but coming to an end way too fast. Each morning I still hang out with the flock and enjoy snoozing in the early morning in the yard while they forage for bugs.

Each time I wake up, the flock is hanging out with me but they’ve moved around and switched positions. Most times, Cindy is standing on me, like a perch.

Little Lionel Ernest is doing well. He doesn’t like me too much, so I had to take his photo through the fence.

He is still on antibiotics for at least two more weeks, but I do think he is feeling better than when he arrived. He almost looks… happy.

The chickens are all doing well right now, thankfully. Janet is as beautiful as ever. Her fluffy dark red feathers and furry face make her stand out in the green yard right now.

Ramona photo bomb! Ramona manages to walk right into a scene just as I’m snapping a photo, but this was a particularly cute pose.

Carol and Janet hang out together a lot. Carol is really talkative these days, and trills and growls most of the day. All of the hens pick on Cindy Buttons a bit, maybe because she wasn’t feeling well a few weeks ago.

Ramona photo bomb! O’Malley and Petunia are spending a lot of time together. Ramona was nesting, but we took her eggs away yesterday so she’s adjusting back to regular flock life. She is really mean to Petunia when she’s nesting though, so Petunia keeps her distance.

Petunia is rooming with Cindy Buttons and Olivia right now, but she’d prefer to room with O’Malley. Unfortunately I can’t put O’Malley or Ramona with hens because they’ll hurt them, so Petunia is on her own. She has been shopping around for new space for her to share with O’Malley, and it looks like her plan is to kick Lucky & Miles out of their space. She paces in front of their door every morning back and forth, back and forth. She is certain that their space will be the perfect spot for her and O’Malley. I’m not sure where she thinks Lucky & Miles will go, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care.

She is getting a little old, but she’s just the sweetest girl. I have really enjoyed this week with her, and she is more friendly with me because of the time I’ve spent with her.

Ramona has calmed down now that I’ve taken her eggs away, but Petunia is just getting too old to deal with her cranky attitude.

I’ve been reading a pretty good book on my staycation, and I thought these two paragraphs were a great reminder for me.

Lastly, today we reconfigured the aviary to add a third space for the handicapped kids. Now there is space for O’Malley, Petunia and Ramona. Then there’s space for all the hens as well as Miles and Lucky (let’s hope they all get along). And lastly, there’s new space for Lester, Danny girl and Lionel Ernest to spend their days. Miles and Lucky will be able to look longingly at Danny girl through a partition, and there are wading pools for both sets of kids. Cindy Buttons has been known to attack ducks, but I’m hoping she will chill out. Lucky has been known to attack chickens so maybe they will work it out and keep each other occupied and entertained.

That’s it for this staycation. The tonsil is still improving, so we didn’t do much else but rest, but that was just what we needed so it was a-okay.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

02. June 2012 by Silly Human
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