Morning Conversation

This morning I spent time in the yard again, snoozing while the ducks and clucks foraged for bugs. Miles, Lucky and Danny girl had an hour-long conversation while I was trying to sleep. This is my translation of their conversation:

“Are you there?”
“Yeah, you?”
“Still there?”
“Yeah. You there?”
“Treat lady still sleeping?”
“Yeah. Ooh she looked at me!”
“She said shush.”
“Ha ha.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha.”
“Are you still there?”
“Yeah I’m here.”
“Me too.”

After finally getting some rest, we got up and took Lionel Ernest to the vet for a re-check. We had him on one antibiotic for his bum foot, and after two weeks it did not help much at all. So he switched to a new one for the past two weeks and we should know tomorrow afternoon if it is helping. He was a good patient and got a purple Bandaid to wear home.

Keep your wings crossed for Lionel, please!

30. May 2012 by Silly Human
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