Meditation with Cindy Buttons

Today Ms. Buttons sat down next to me on the lawn and settled in for a nap. She sat very close so she must consider me one of her flock.

This video may look like Cindy Buttons is just napping, but this is actually “Meditation with Cindy Buttons.”

While you watch the video, take deep breaths. Relax and focus. Notice the side of her face puffing in and out. That is her sinuses moving while she breathes. Notice how her eyelid closes up from the bottom. See that tuft of feathers back beyond her eye? Those feathers cover her ear. If you relax until the end of the video, you’ll hear her wake up to the sound of the neighbor getting home from work. Lastly, she alerts me with a trill sound to let me know the neighbor is home.

And that is Chicken Meditation 101, with Ms. Cindy Buttons.

25. May 2012 by Silly Human
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