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Some people have said they have trouble telling Cindy Buttons apart from Carol. So here we have a side-by-side comparison. As you can see, Cindy is lighter in color and doesn’t have a tail. Carol has a small head and is darker than Cindy. What you can’t see is that Cindy will steal food right out of your hand and Carol screeches like a banshee in the early mornings. These are very individual traits that make them very easy to distinguish in person after you get to know them. Carol is a bit skittish but she loves to have her face petted. Cindy will sit on you and visit any time you sit down. Every chicken is an individual with a full, robust personality including likes, dislikes and funny quirks.

lionel ernest
In other news, Lionel Ernest asked me to tell you that he is not a buff duck but a pastel call duck. They do look a lot like buff ducks but are of course smaller and have that distinguished dark brown chest. Lionel will sleep better now that you know he’s really a pastel.

He is doing well and likes to hang out with Danny girl, but I’m afraid he might be a little too short for her.

li li
Lionel is still favoring his left leg since his foot is infected, but he is in good spirits and is harder to catch each and every day. You can also see in the background his nemesis Miles is favoring his right leg. Bum legs are all too common in little ducks, and that’s how they end up at our house.

O’Malley and his girls are doing well. Ramona is nesting again, so he spends most of his time with Petunia. I have told Ramona that we don’t hatch ducklings, and even if we did, there is a fat chance in hell that I’d ever let her hatch a Ramona-O’Malley baby. Can you imagine how monstrous and bitey that little duckling would be? I shudder to even imagine it.

Petunia is beyond her egg-laying years. She’s probably about 8-years-old now. It’s hard to say for sure since she’s a rescue, but I think she was young when she came to live here in 2006.

Olivia is our oldest feathered resident right now. She came to live with us three years ago and we think she is almost 11-years-old now. She is a tough cookie but I like that about her. She doesn’t trust just anyone, so it’s quite a compliment that she trusts me to pick her up and chat with her sometimes.

Well that’s about it for the random mid-week musings from ducks and clucks. Simon says “I love you” and wishes you a very good week.

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Thanks and quacks,

Tiff & the flock

21. May 2012 by Silly Human
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