Carol the Alarm Clock

For anyone considering chickens, I give you… Carol the Alarm Clock.

Do you like getting up at dawn every single day of the year? Then chickens are for you! Carol used to be really loud when she was cooped up in the… well the coop, so I arranged for the coop to have an automatically-opening door at dawn so she could get out without me having to get up at dawn. But it turns out Carol doesn’t just want out of the coop, she also wants out of the aviary, because 800sq feet of aviary is cramping her free-wheeling spirit. It’s nearly 3-times larger than the smallest apartment I lived in when I lived in New York City, but Carol has a big personality that cannot be contained in such meager accommodations. We have to be very careful letting the chickens out in the yard when we’re not out there with them as we have raccoons in the neighborhood. So we really prefer the darkness of December when chickens sleep ’til 8am or later.

Let me leave you with this last thought if you’re considering chickens. In mid-June, the sun in Seattle rises at 5:11am. That means it’s light outside even before that, which means Carol and I will be awake around 4:30am every day for a few weeks.

If I’m cranky, just know it’s because I really need a serious nap.

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Someone nominated us for a blog award from BlogPaws and we made the finals! We’re up against two ferret blogs and Pua the tamandua anteater, which is tough competition. We’ll find out in late June at the BlogPaws Awards if we’ve won. Check out their site here:

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