Janet and Carol, a friendship

Janet and Carol were sitting in the sun together this afternoon.

Janet reached over to preen Carol with her beak.

And Carol returned the favor by preening Janet’s cheek.

Janet and Carol came to us at different times, under different circumstances. But as you can see, they love each other’s friendship now, and are great companions to each other.

Janet was surrendered to a veterinarian after she had a prolapse and egg-laying issues and her owners didn’t want to pay for it. Carol was found wandering the streets of Seattle and taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

photo bomb
Ramona photo bomb!

Chickens are extremely social and emotional, and enjoy the company and care of good friends. Almost as much as they love sunshine.

janet and carol
Janet and Carol are a great example of the importance of good friends.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

05. May 2012 by Silly Human
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