Duck loaves and chicken piles

petunia loaf
This weekend has been a mostly relaxing one for the flock. The sun is shining, the pools are cleaned and the treats are plentiful.

Petunia shows her advanced technique for being a duck loaf. She has had a lot of practice, but she’s also a natural.

She and O’Malley are good friends, but she has moved out because Ramona is not very nice to her when she’s nesting.

“Why can’t you just be nice!”
O’Malley has tried to talk to Ramona, but it just goes in one ear and out the other.

He even tried singing, but the Ramona monster’s resolve is strong.

So O’Malley gave up and decided to just be a duck loaf like Petunia.

chicken piles
Chickens are a little bit different. When they lay around, they flop over in a pile instead of staying in a nicely baked sun loaf. Here are Cindy Buttons, Janet, Carol and Olivia showing how to make sun piles while also mashing plants. Very advanced technique.

Olly Astro is good at sun piles too, but she just wasn’t in the mood today.

Once all the loaves and piles were done, the special kids came out for swim time. Lester, Danny girl, Miles and Lucky ate some peas and took turns swimming in the tree trunk pool.

“Blurgle gurgle ha ha ha.”
Here Lucky shows how to talk with your beak full of water.

Then they both tried to reach the peas that I put in the pool.

Miles and Lucky both love Danny girl completely, but they are a little much to take all at once, so they wait until she is done swimming before they’re allowed in the pool.

“Please hurry I love you!”

Once I pluck Danny girl from the pool, all insanity and goofiness begins! Miles and Lucky LOVE to splash up a major storm. See why this is a bit too much for Danny?

Lucky will dive and flap.

And Miles will try to push him out so he can have the pool all to himself.

Then it’s time for some preening in the sun.
“Gotta keep the feathers lookin’ good for my lady.”

Once all the other kids had their turns, we put them away and let little Lionel Ernest come out and take a swim.

He is still a bit skittish, but he is improving slowly and has even started quacking at me.

He’s really good at splashing, and even found a few peas left at the bottom of the pool.

Then he flapped off the water and went back to his pen to rest and recuperate some more.

Simon prefers to watch, but only from a safe distance.

Lastly today, we had an unexpected call from a friend about an injured crow. Our friend Rachel said the crow was dragging one wing and hopped into a patch of grass. She kept an eye on the crow and I came over to help catch it. Unfortunately, the crow was really easy to pick up, which could mean she’s very injured. But we caught her and I took her to PAWS where they’ll be able to help rehabilitate her if she can recover.

Just another wacky weekend with the duck loaves and cluck piles… and a crow.

Here’s hoping for a great week ahead.

– Tiff & the flock

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