INCOMING: Lionel the little buff duck

This little buff duck came to us this evening from PAWS, a great wildlife rescue organization in Lynnwood, WA. His name is Lionel. He was dumped at a place called Country Village and he has a foot injury. He isn’t a wild duck, so PAWS couldn’t rehabilitate him for re-release to the wild. He doesn’t belong in the wild because he’s a domestic duck. So he came to us.

Lionel is unfortunately very skittish and really scared, but he is safe and warm and will get some veterinary care for his foot injury tomorrow morning.

I always hate to see new little ducks come in who are so scared and sad, but I am hopeful that Lionel will feel better and make friends with our other gimpy ducks once he has some medication.

For now he is kept separate from our other ducks until the vet clears him as healthy and free from parasites. I was going to keep him in the house, but he is so skittish and afraid of people I decided to keep him near the other ducks. So Lionel is set up in an enclosed soft crate in a pen with Petunia, Olivia and Cindy Buttons. I wanted to put him near Lucky and Miles since he speaks the same language, but ducks are like little dinosaurs when newbies arrive, and Lucky went ballistic over the new guy. Lionel doesn’t have the energy to deal with aggressive, cranky ducks, so he’ll stay in a peaceful pen for now until he feels better.

In other news, Danny girl’s test results came back and she is completely free of lead and infection. In December when she arrived, her blood lead count was .36 and a normal reading is .02-.04. She was very near death. Now her lead count is back down to .02 and her blood count also shows no infection. I wanted to be sure because she still stumbles pretty badly. But this is as good as she will get for now, which is just fine. She can get around good enough to feed herself and swim, and she is enjoying her life, so we are happy with her progress and glad to know that this is her new “normal.”

Lionel goes to the vet in the morning and as soon as we know more we’ll post an update here or on the Facebook page.

Thanks and quacks,

Tiff and the flock

02. May 2012 by Silly Human
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