Weekly Round-Up

Toro received his “Champion Chicken” certificate from PETA for being their 2012 Champion Chicken. The text on the certificate says “for providing an excellent example of how social, curious and loving chickens are and for helping to demonstrate that chickens need their wings.” More chicken wings are eaten during the Superbowl than any other time of year. Toro most definitely needs and values his wings. They are an important and cute part of him and they are not to be eaten. We hung his certificate right over his night pen so he can stare up at his remarkable achievement and know just how special he is and how much meaning his chubby little life has had on the people around him, especially me.

Little Cindy Buttons has been a pill this week. She has decided that she should nest in the FRONT yard, away from everyone. So she sneaks under the fence to lay an egg in a window well on the side of the house each day.

She gets VERY UPSET if I do not let her do this. We will take the eggs after she has a full clutch so she’ll search out a new locale for a new nest, HOPEFULLY within the aviary or pens.

Little old lady Olivia is doing great. I just had to share this photo of her hanging out next to me this weekend. She does not like to be picked up but she is very sociable and chatty. I really enjoy our conversations together, even if they are mostly about treats.

Beautiful Danny girl went to the vet this week for a final follow-up visit. If you remember, she came to us nearly dead before Christmas from an infection and from metal toxicity after swallowing a big piece of metal.

Her last X-ray showed great improvement and just a few pieces of metal left.

clear xray
Now her x-ray shows there is no metal left. I know it has much more light areas on it, but that is pea gravel. Ducks eat rocks to grind up their food and make it easier to digest. It’s called “grit” and it lives in their gizzard. She is metal free and although she still has trouble walking and keeping her balance, it should improve over time.

Lastly this week, Lucky went back to his forever home on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately when he joined his pond mates on Friday, they did not accept him back into the flock. They beat him up and picked on him. They tried to drown him and he couldn’t keep his feathers dry, so he ran back to his people. They picked him up and took him back from the pond. While we hoped Lucky would be able to leave this nest here with us and go back out into the world, he has returned here, like an adult child who fails to launch. We don’t mind though, as he is super handsome and not much trouble at all. He did bite both Lester and Danny girl when he returned tonight, but I think he’ll settle down once he knows he’s safe. He’s a little guy and a cute kid, and I think he’ll fit in here just fine. So welcome back, Lucky. You are certainly one very Lucky duck.

Here’s a little video of the muscovy crew misbehaving to send you off on a good week.

Here’s hoping you find a little fun mischief of your own this week.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

20. February 2012 by Silly Human
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