Checking In with Ducks & Clucks

These past few weeks have been busy ones for the people of the house, but the ducks and clucks are all doing well.

Here Danny girl takes a swim with Miles while Lucky duck hangs out on the side. Lester gets too cold when he swims too much, so he sat this one out.

Lucky, Miles and Danny girl are all doing well. Lester has a harder time with the cold, wet weather, but he seems to be holding his own.

Petunia is putting up with a cranky Ramona these days, but she still finds time to be her sweet self.

Janet continues to be the fluffiest chicken in the yard lately. Her furry feathers are just looking great, and I think she knows it.

Cindy Buttons hopped up on my lap today to talk and preen her feathers. She is sweet as ever, but can’t decide which coop she prefers at night. Sometimes she hangs with the big girls in the aviary but tonight she chose to stay with Toro and Olivia in the old pen.

Olivia is still going strong at over 10-years-old. We’re not sure of her exact age since she’s a rescue, but we know she’s getting up there in years. Olivia doesn’t like to be held but she loves to be close by, and she is a great conversationalist, especially if you have treats.

The weather is a little rainy and muddy for Toro’s liking, but he is still holding his own. If it’s too rainy he hangs out in the covered pen. But most days he can stay in the aviary with his hens.

Lastly, my boy O’Malley sits with me every single day. He would spend most of the day on my lap if I let him, and I wish I had that kind of time. He is a sweet, lovable, wonderful kid and it’s great to know he’s always there to wish me a good day.

That’s about it for now. Next weekend we’ll be away for a bit to help celebrate my parents’ 35th Wedding Anniversary (that’s me in the middle at age 5). It’s hard to believe these aging former-hippie parents of mine have been together that long, but the denim wedding suit is sure evidence that indeed it has been decades. A very happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to them both.

Quacks and clucks,

Silly human

18. March 2012 by Silly Human
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