Bath Time

Today, Toro and Cindy Buttons hung out together and took a dust bath.

Chickens don’t bathe in water like ducks do. They prefer a pile of nice dirt or sand to throw around. It seems counter intuitive, but the grit of the dirt cleans their feathers and strips away any dirt.

Cindy was hogging the best dust bath spot, so Toro roo had to work around her to find the good spots.

Here’s a little video of the two of them enjoying the day:

In other news, when I let the ducks out today, they promptly went back in, but through the other side. So the big pen now has just Miles in it, and the littler pen has Lester, Danny girl and Lucky duck. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but they all sorted it out amongst themselves and moved all on their own.

With the duck kids doing well and enjoying the great outdoors, it’s just me and Simon in the house now, with Toro in the dining room at night so his 5am crows don’t disturb the neighbors. The weather is just beautiful in Seattle this week, with temperatures up to 57F tomorrow. It’s perfect weather to be a duck or cluck, and the kids are enjoying the surprising warmth in early February. They’re looking forward to a great week.

We hope you have a great week too.

05. February 2012 by Silly Human
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