A Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day, so all the kids went outside to play. Lucky waited patiently for the pool to open up while Danny girl and Miles splashed and flapped.

You can see a little bit from this angle that Lucky’s neck has some weird feathers. That is because there are scabs underneath where he must have been injured. He is feeling much better though, and I think he will be just fine.

Lucky is a really friendly kid and he loves to sit on me. He fell asleep while we were chatting.

Here’s a little video of us chatting today:

Isn’t he sweet? His people obviously treated him really well. He recognized that I speak duck and decided I was okay pretty quickly. Now we’re good buds. Once he is all done with his medication he will go back to his people and live on his pond.

After Lucky was done sitting on me, Cindy Button hopped up and fell asleep in the sunshine.

Here’s Lucky and Danny girl hanging out in their new night pen. Everyone is doing well enough now, and the weather is warm enough, that they can all move out of my dining room and stay outside overnight.

Miles gets his own section because he is a bit of a bully to Lester and Lucky.

Danny girl, Lucky and Lester are rooming together and Miles is right next to them so he can boss everybody around. Wish them luck on their first night all together outside!

Petunia and Ramona came by to inspect the new kids and give them a little grief.

And then it was finally time for O’Malley to get his cuddles.

A beautiful day, all around.

04. February 2012 by Silly Human
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