Lucky and Lookin’ Good

Little Lucky arrived two nights ago barely standing and with an infected eye. He stumbled and listed to one side and didn’t look good at all.

But what a difference a day makes.

Now he is looking great! His eye is clearing up, he stands on his own, walks well and is generally feeling good. Lucky’s bills are all paid for, so he’s just staying with us for medication and care until he’s all better. Here he is showing his most serious problem: Wiggle-butt syndrome. It’s cute, and there’s no known cure for it.

He’s eating pretty well, too. But he was a little shy on camera.

It’s so nice when a rescue rebounds fast and shows they’re on the mend. He truly is a Lucky duck. And we’re happy to have him here to help him get back on his feet and back to his pond and his people.

02. February 2012 by Silly Human
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