Long Weekend

On Sunday, we took this cute giant baby rooster to his forever farm in Fall City, WA.

He will live at Baxter Barn with some hens and some miniature donkeys for friends. It was a pretty nice place. It’s tough to find good homes for roosters, and a safe farm is better than most other alternatives. I got attached to this baby roo in just two days. He was so young and sensitive and sweet. Every single one that comes through here touches me, but this guy was special. He was so big and gangly and looked intimidating, but was a big baby underneath his pretty feathers. I will miss him, but not his 5:42am wake-up crows.

In other rooster news, this guy is still here. He still feels pretty terrible, and I feel really bad for him. He is terrified of being touched and obviously was really hurt wherever he was before he found us. He has to have twice-daily injections, and those go pretty easy. But I’d like him to start spending a little time outside during the day. That works okay, and he seems to enjoy it. But when I need to catch him to bring him back inside, he screams and screams like he’s being killed. I can only imagine what happened to him in the past, and it really makes me angry that anyone would let an animal suffer that much.

What a mess. He seems to be doing okay, but not great. He doesn’t have much… life… in him. I don’t know how else to explain it. I can almost forget he is in a carrier because there’s nothing coming out of it to let me know he’s in there. He must have been close to death. I’m hoping he can rebound and find joy in life again. We’ll see. It will take some time, and he won’t be here too long. I hope a great, safe forever home comes along for him. He deserves the best.

Pidgy is doing well. S/he is feeling much better and can’t wait to leave. S/he has to have 7 full days of antibiotics though, so Pidgy needs to just suck it up.

Isn’t s/he pretty?

Pidgy grunts and growls at me. Did you know pigeons did that? I had no idea. I checked with my pigeon expert friend Terry and she confirmed that not only do they grunt, they will also wing-slap you and bite and twist your flesh. So far Pidgy just enjoys grunting at me every time I walk by. It’s very cute – I mean INTIMIDATING and scary! 🙂

As for the family, Petunia enjoyed a nice bug hunt this evening.

Ramona hunted for bugs, too.

She and O’Malley look like twins wandering around the yard. Except for the size difference, they look a lot alike.

Lastly, O’Malley wanted to show off his cute trick.

Pretty fancy! He is a good boy.

That’s it for us this weekend. Hope you had a good one. Keep quackin’ and cluckin’.

30. May 2011 by Silly Human
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