New Arrivals

Friday morning we picked up this rooster from the Seattle Animal Shelter to transport it to a forever farm on Sunday. He crows a lot so we’re happy he’ll be on his way soon.

He is healthy and young, and just a little skinny.

Unfortunately the other rooster is in bad shape. He has bite wounds all over him. He is literally covered in open wounds. The story was he was dropped by an eagle, but it’s hard to say for sure. He looks too beat up for that.

He is on a bunch of medications to see if he can recover, and then he’ll go to a forever home. Unfortunately he can’t join the other guy tomorrow. He’ll stay here with us for a bit. Cross your fingers for him. He’s really not feeling well.

After the roosters were settled in, we went to the park for a bit to visit with the ducks and enjoy the sunshine.

While sitting at the park, an injured pigeon walked up to us and stood there, so I picked her up.

One of her feet is infected and swollen. It looks like it’s a fishing line injury or string injury. She wasn’t standing on the foot but holding it up, and she seemed in pain. So home she came with us!

Lots of pigeons are missing toes and do okay. So once the infection is cleared up, we’ll release her back to the park where we found her, and she can go on with her life. Until then, she is grunting at us every time we walk by. It’s pretty cute… I mean intimidating!

That’s the update for this long weekend.

Keep cluckin’.

28. May 2011 by Silly Human
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