Weekends are Worky

When we have rescues around, weekends are sometimes more work than the work week.

On Friday evening we said goodbye to Pidgy. She finished her antibiotics and was standing and walking better on both feet, even though she is missing toes on both feet. So off she went, into the sunset.

Here’s a little video of her release back at the park where she first walked up to us the previous week.

Also on Friday, we picked up our sweet new ride, the all-electric, zero emissions Nissan LEAF. Isn’t she cute? Her name is Maple. She’s a 4-door hatchback with plenty of room for the 120lbs of duck and chicken food we carried home today from the feed store. I think we’ll be good friends.

The screaming rooster is still here with us for another week. He is making us very tired. He likes to get up early and crow, and unlike Fabio used to do, he does NOT enjoy coming onto the bed and snoozing with us for a few hours. He is not friendly and would just like his breakfast and to crow very loudly, thank you very much. Who can blame him? He’s been through a lot.

Someone on the Facebook group asked what his name was, and as I was typing back to say “we didn’t name him because he isn’t staying” I had a very clear thought run through my head. The thought was from the rooster and he said “My name is Cal.” Who am I to argue? He says his name is Cal. He was dropped by an eagle, and he likes to get up early. He seems to be improving, but it is difficult to tell because he is not friendly. I think he’s improved though. He hates to be caught and will scream like a banshee if you catch him, so it’s tough to even let him out in the yard. I feel bad for the guy. But I also understand why an eagle would drop him (sorry Cal… not a very funny joke).

In other news, Gus has been spending lots of time in “time out” for chasing and mating with both scovy girls too much. He is a handful.

He has given up Lester as his wingman in favor of wooing the ladies full time.

Lester doesn’t seem to mind, as he prefers to play hide-and-seek in the thick shrubberies all by himself.

Both crows are doing well. They love to hang out in the yard with us, especially on the weekends. They are slowly getting used to our new car, too. I’m sure they miss the old one, as they had it memorized and would follow me to the house from two blocks away. There aren’t too many Nissan LEAFs on the road yet though, so I’m sure they’ll recognize my new ride soon enough.

The starlings come by once-a-day to gather fallen feathers for their nests. I call them “the cleaning crew.” They sweep up all the lost feathers and it’s nice to think that Lessie and Gus’ feathers and all the others are warming little baby birdies in nests all over the neighborhood.

Toonie says hello. She is doing well, as long as she can stay out of Gus’ way and stick close to O’Malley.

Ramona sticks close to Malley now too. And he takes his job of guarding the ladies very seriously.

cal 3
That’s about it for us for the weekend. Keep good thoughts that Cal sleeps in this coming week, okay? We have a bit of “chronic rooster fatigue syndrome” with all the early wake-up calls. But he’s worth it. Look at that face!

Have a good week and keep cluckin’ and quackin’ (but not crowin’, shhhh!)

04. June 2011 by Silly Human
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