Saturday in the Yard

Today Lester and the other ducks and clucks hung out in the yard and ate grass, bugs and treats.

“Is that a bug!?” – Olivia

Gus shared some peas with Lester, and tried to stay out of O’Malley’s way.

He is still having trouble with picking feathers and eating them, but otherwise he is doing well.

Gus plucks Lester’s feathers and eats them, so we put Lester in a carrier at night so Gus can’t bother him. So far it seems to work well.

When we hang out in the yard, our crow friend hangs out with us. He is a wild crow, but he likes the ducks and chickens, and he sometimes gets treats, too.

Carol enjoyed some lettuces.

And Janet was on the look out for bugs.

Olly Astro stuck close to me, in case I planned to share treats.

And Olivia perched near the crow’s water dish in case I left some treats there.

Gus spotted some flying balloon predators and alerted everyone.

Then he got a little too close to O’Malley and The Ramona Monster and had to high-tail it back to Lester’s area.

Then it was time to settle down for a nap and enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Petunia was snoozing in the aviary, so we didn’t get any photos of her today. But she’s doing well and she sends her best.

Have a good week, and keep quacking… or clucking… whichever you prefer.

21. May 2011 by Silly Human
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