New Kids Fit In

The new Rhode Island Red chicken chose her name tonight. I think it fits in pretty well with Janet, who is her look-a-like. Carol & Janet. Let’s hope they get along! So far they’re all doing okay. Carol sleeps in a soft-sided carrier inside the chicken pen at night, so the other chickens can see her, but they can’t hurt each other. Then during the day they all share the aviary together. When introducing chickens, it’s best for them to have enough space to run away from an attack while they sort out the new pecking order. So when they’re locked up in the smaller coop at night, it’s important to keep them separated but let them see each other so they can start to work out their differences.

Fabio is indeed a rooster, for sure. This morning his crow alarm went off at 6:38am. I’m glad I brought him into the house so the neighbors didn’t have to experience his morning singing voice. I couldn’t find the snooze button on this rooster alarm so I brought him into the bedroom for a morning chat. It didn’t work, he only wanted to crow.

Fabio is such an adorable little fluff monster. I can’t stop taking photos of him. His blood work came back today and he does indeed have an infection, so he’ll be treated here for at least 10-days before heading to the forever sanctuary. Hopefully the infection was caught in time and he can recover.

Look at that mop top! So cute.

In other news, take a look at Lester! This is the first time I’ve seen him balance so well without resting on his butt. Nice job, Lessie. I also love Fabio’s walk in those fluffy pantaloons he wears. So dapper. Carol the new girl makes an appearance as well.

That’s about all here at Ducks & Clucks tonight. Bok bok and quacks. The rooster alarm comes early so we’d best get to bed. G’nite.

20. April 2011 by Silly Human
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