Obsessed with Fabio

Right now I am obsessed with Fabio. He is such an amazing little creature. He will only be with us for another week or two while he finishes medication, but then he’ll go to the same sanctuary as George, Benson & Reggie.

Fabio has a fabulous tail. It is poufy and fluffy and super soft. When he walks, his legs look like fluffy pantaloons.

Fabio has CRAZY FEET! Silkie chickens are known to have extra toes. Other chickens have a center toe, one to each side and one in back for a total of four toes. Roosters also have a spur, which is like an extra talon above the back toe. Silkies have four toes crammed to the inside and one toe on the outside covered by feathers. Fabio here also has a spur, visible at the bottom center of the photo. Crazy feet. Crazy.

Fabio sits on the couch in the evenings with me until it’s completely dark. He has to stay inside at night so his 5:30-6:30am crowing doesn’t wake up the neighbors. But if it’s not completely dark when he comes in, he doesn’t like to be in his carrier. Instead he sits next to me and tucks his beak under my arm.

Once it’s completely dark, I pick up Fabio and put him in his carrier. Then he crows in the eeeearly morning and I bring him onto the bed to hang out until I’m ready to wake up. He sits in one spot and either falls asleep or stares at me until I’m ready to get out of bed. It’s a little weird rolling over to see a rooster staring at you, but he can’t go outside until it’s as late as possible, because he looooves to crow.

Fabio is a super fun addition to the yard. I only wish he didn’t crow, because it’d be great to keep him around. But he’ll do well at Baahaus and be able to crow to his heart’s content.

In other news, Ramona is doing well. Petunia still prefers to be away from Ramona, so they share different night time space.

But they get along well-enough to share the aviary during the day, so I have hope that they’ll be able to move in together with O’Malley eventually.

Fabio and Carol tolerate each other in the yard. I guess it’s because they’re both new. Carol is a force to be reckoned with, and the other three chickens steer clear of her whenever possible.

Janet, Olivia and Olly Astro are all doing well, but were too busy looking for bugs to pose for photos this weekend.

Lester is doing pretty well. He had a nice swim on Saturday in the sunshine, but he really prefers the safety of his pen. I think his handicap makes him feel unsafe, so when he’s out in the yard, he’ll hop back to his pen. Hopefully we can eventually help him feel safe in the aviary so he can be around other animals and get some social time, but he seems content for now.

Last but not least, Simon is doing well too. He is a lovable character, and adjusts really well to all the new feathered kids in the yard. He definitely likes his 1-on-1 time with me though, so we took a nap together this weekend.

Here’s to a good week ahead from everyone here at Ducks and Clucks!

24. April 2011 by Silly Human
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