Check. It. Out! This is Fabio. He is a faaaabulous silkie rooster we rescued from the Seattle Animal Shelter this morning. We were hoping he might be a hen, but either way we wanted to help him out. Since he is a rooster, he will get a little healthcare here and then move on to Baahaus to live with George, Benson & Reggie. He has some issues with his balance, so today the vet did some blood work. We’ll see what that says. His fecal test was negative so that’s good (no parasites). He is eating and drinking well, so hopefully he’s not too sick, because he is awesome. I have missed having a fluffy muppet around since Racquel L’Oreal passed away from old age. This guy has a similar little personality, but he crows. So while he’s here, he’s sleeping in the dining room so he doesn’t bother the neighbors early in the morning.

As always seems to happen with chickens we rescue, they come along with unexpected chicken FRIENDS. Remember when we picked up Olly Astro only to find she had a friend named Janet who needed a home too? Well Fabio has this friend here who needs a home, so she came along with him. She’s definitely a hen, so she’ll stay with us forever. She hasn’t told us her name yet, but it’s pretty funny that she’s also a Rhode Island Red chicken like Janet.

As you can see, chicken politics are complex and the vetting process can take some time. I think Olivia complained when Olly Astro and Janet arrived for OVER A MONTH. But now they are great friends. I’m hoping the newest girl doesn’t take that long to fit in, but she’s already made it clear she is NO ONE’S LACKEY. All the other chickens are afraid of her.

Check out that vertical jump! We’ll keep you posted on her new name as soon as she tells us.

Fabio roamed the yard a little bit, but he has to stay mostly separate from everyone else until we know he’s not sick with something contagious. The other chickens were just fine keeping their distance, because they had NO IDEA what he was.

He’s very sweet though, and I’m sorry we can’t keep a rooster here because I would love to be his permanent hair dresser and personal stylist.

The back story on these two is sketchy. New red head was found running loose around 97th & Phinney in Seattle. Fancy fluffy Fabio was treated for something at an emergency vet, and then turned over to Seattle Animal Shelter. That’s where we found them both.

More news on the new kids to come. That’s it for now.

Bok bok!

19. April 2011 by Silly Human
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