Trust Fund for the Sugarhouse Ducks

If you remember back a few weeks, we’ve been watching the dumped domestic ducks at Sugarhouse Park to make sure they’re doing okay.

Last weekend, the pond froze over and the park drained the pond so kids wouldn’t play on it and fall through the ice. That left the domestic ducks completely unsafe. With no water to retreat to, they couldn’t avoid off-leash dogs or other predators at the pond. A sure sign they were in danger was that they were the only birds left in the park. All the Canada geese, mallard ducks, gulls and pigeons left when the pond became unsafe. But since domestic dumped ducks can’t fly, they couldn’t move on to a safer spot.

So we organized a duck rescue. We put the word out on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, and 5-6 ladies showed up to help corral the ducks off the pond. Later, a high-school friend and her kids showed up to help too.

The dumped domestic ducks were scared though, so they retreated to the middle of the ice-covered pond. After a long, cold slog across the pond in 18″ deep grassy, icy sewage, I was able to move them onto land on the far side.

There, the other volunteers used the fencing to create barriers so the domestic ducks could finally be caught. It was quite a team effort and we’re thankful for all the last-minute, early-morning help that arrived to save these ducks.

The foster ducks are here with us for a little bit while we ensure they’re in good health. Thankfully they’re all doing great. So this coming weekend, they will head to their new forever sanctuary.

The rescued Sugarhouse Park ducks will join an established rescued domestic flock at a private pond in Orem, UT. Thanks to the generous offer by Ching Sanctuary, these ducks will get to stay together and live with a rescued flock of 18 domestic rescued geese (from Wheeler Farm) and 6 other domestic rescued ducks.

We’re told the domestic geese are very protective and help the visiting wild mallards raise their babies in the spring. The pond has had rescued domestic ducks and geese since 2005. And since it’s on a natural spring, it never freezes over.

The family pond has a 24/7 owner/caretaker who feeds the geese and ducks twice a day. It’s a beautiful place.

That’s where you come in.

We’d like to send these sweet kids off to their forever sanctuary with a trust fund. It’s not cheap to feed a rescued flock of birds, and we don’t want these Sugarhouse Ducks to be a burden to their forever home. Also, we’d like to reimburse the Ducks and Clucks fund for the cost of all the fencing, rope and other materials needed to catch and save these ducks off the icy pond. The fencing can be re-used again and again, so it’s an investment in future duck rescues.

What do you think? Do you have a few bucks to make sure these kids eat well and live happily ever after in their new home?

Could you help make sure the only thing they have to worry about is doodling in the mud and floating on the pond?

could you would you
Could you would you?

We appreciate that money is tight for many people, and we appreciate ALL of our friends and followers. But if you can help us help us help the Sugarhouse Park ducks this holiday season, it would mean a lot.

Thank you!

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We’ll keep the fundraiser thermometer updated over the next several days. And we’ll keep you posted on the foster duck’s big move!


Thanks and quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

24. November 2014 by Silly Human
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