Goodbye, Si Si

sweet Si
Our sweet girl Si passed away on the evening of October 20, 2014 after 3 months of issues with fluid in her abdomen.

The vet in July said it was either sterile peritonitis or possibly cancer, both of which are fairly common old lady chicken maladies, and not curable. So we crossed our fingers and hoped Si would live a long time in spite of her diagnosis, but it wasn’t meant to be. Here’s the story of Si.

Si came to us in November 2013 after some nice people rescued her. She had been dumped at a trail head on Mount Si, which is why she was named Si. Her name Si sounds like pie, shy, guy, oh my.

Her rescuers unfortunately didn’t realize how crafty raccoons can be, and Si and her friend were attacked while in their care. Her friend died, and Si was brought to us for treatment.

Si was adorable since the moment she arrived. We thought she was probably at least 6-years-old, because often hens are dumped when they stop laying eggs. Since she never laid an egg here with us, it’s possible she was even older than that.

lap chicken
Si settled in pretty quickly and became a friendly lap chicken. She was also a great conversationalist.

Si loved bananas. She liked a lot of treats but bananas were always her favorite.

Si became good friends with old lady Olivia in recent months. Olivia is about 14-years-old, so perhaps they had old lady stuff in common. They were cute friends, and took pretty good care of each other.

si and carol
Si wasn’t as close to Carol, and she spent the heat of summer trying to suffocate her on her nest. Not sure why, but it kept them both entertained.

Si Si had the most beautiful feathers, especially her fluffy cheeks and beard.

Si was always ready for whatever fun was to be had, from treats to exploring and more. She had a good attitude, was a good buddy to the other hens and was always as sweet as can be.

She was also very fashion-forward and stayed up on the latest trends, like couture camo sweaters.

Si was such a joy to have around, and I was really looking forward to many more years with her. But it’s possible she was older than we knew, or just didn’t have good luck with her health.

Farewell, little sweet hen. I’m really going to miss your goofy ways around here. Thank you for bringing such joy and light to the yard with all of your antics. We love you and miss you already, Si Si.

Rest in peace.

21. October 2014 by Silly Human
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