Easter from a chicken’s perspective

I had a hankering for coloring eggs this year. Usually I collect the eggs from the few members of the flock who lay eggs, then hard-boil them and feed them back to them. This gives them a lot of nutrients. They also get the egg shells to help them get enough calcium to make more egg shells.

But I wanted to do some coloring and dyeing first, so Ruby and Carol helped me out by lending me some of their eggs.

After I had fun coloring, I decided to see what the chickens thought about these colorful Easter eggs. So I set them out around the yard and let them have their own Easter egg hunt. Oh, chick chick chickies?

“What… in… the… cluck?! Whose eggs are these?” – Olivia

“Alert! I believe we’ve had a drive-by egging by a clown chicken! Or a very colorful toucan has escaped from the zoo! Alert!”

Actually, Olivia, a rabbit known as “the Easter bunny” brings eggs to the yard and hides them for children to find. Sometimes there are even surprises in the eggs.
“A bunny does what now?”

“If there were a rogue rabbit in the yard, I assure you I would have seen it, and stomped it.” – Cindy Buttons

“They do look very peculiar, but I think they’re kind of pretty. Definitely not from a rabbit though.”
You don’t believe in the Easter bunny, Olly Astro?

“I believe you are up to some funny business, treat lady.”

“They look a little bit like duck eggs to me, but more colorful. I think Lenora Bea is behind this mischief. And I would not be surprised if she knows some bunnies from her days in lock-up at the Seattle Animal Shelter.”

“If I can just get a few minutes alone with Lenora, I’m sure I could stomp the truth out of her.”
Oh! That’s not necessary, Cindy Buttons. I assure you Lenora had nothing to do with these magically-appearing eggs.

“I will stomp her a little bit just to make sure. You can never be too sure.”
No no, Cindy. No stomping.

“I really like the colorful eggs. I wish my eggs were many colors.” – Carol

“Tell me your secret, fancy eggs.”

“HEY! I found a surprise under this Easter egg. Treats!”

“Mmm I love corn bread. I don’t know what kind of funny business you’re up to lady, but as long as it involves treats, I approve.”

Well the chickens didn’t really believe my Easter bunny story, but they enjoyed the treats I hid under and around the eggs, and I had fun coloring the Easter eggs.

Olivia, who is over 12-years-old, would like to STRONGLY REMIND everyone that baby chicks, ducks and bunnies are NOT good Easter presents. This post is titled “Easter from a chicken’s perspective,” and often their experience of Easter is not good. Please don’t hatch or buy chicks or ducks this season, and don’t buy bunnies. Let Olivia’s age remind you that pets — all pets — are not a short-term commitment. Please consider gifting a stuffed animal or other treat and not a live animal. And when you bring an animal into your life, after much research and preparation, consider adoption instead of buying.

Thanks and quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

P.S. Never, ever release a chick, duck or bunny in a park or other wild area. It is a death sentence. They cannot survive in the wild or even suburban parks on their own.

25. March 2013 by Silly Human
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