Draco Returns Home!

The muscovy duck at Meadowbrook Pond was reclaimed by his owner at Seattle Animal Shelter. Here’s a note we received on the blog:

“Draco has returned home! Thanks for looking out for him. He’s staying in private quarters in the back while we make sure he is healthy and while the flock learns to accept him back. In the Spring he and a hen will move to a newly constructed house in the front yard where they will be on garden patrol searching for bugs and slugs. Yum.”

Special thanks to everyone who looked after him at the park and made sure he was safe. Unfortunately his home DOES raise muscovy ducks for meat, but they said “due to the effort and kindness that has gone into rescuing Draco, he will move to the front yard rather than the freezer.”

So… fairly happy ending.

02. January 2013 by Silly Human
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