Weekend Update & Big Changes

Little Cindy Buttons was doing well after her last bout with weird eggs.

She stopped laying and did a round of antibiotics, and then her eggs were back to normal size, like this.

Unfortunately after a few days the eggs have returned to these weird, large eggs that are misshapen and MUST be uncomfortable for her.

So in a few days she’ll go on some different antibiotics and we’ll try again to get her eggs back to normal size. Hens are prone to egg issues unfortunately, but hopefully this won’t be a chronic problem for Cindy.

For now, she’s doing just fine, thankfully. She isn’t puffed up and feeling sick like she was before.

In other random news, the lilies in the yard are looking beautiful, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure that’s because they’re in the front yard, away from the ducks and clucks.

Miles got a little too close to Ramona monster and paid for it with his hide. He lost a big chunk of feathers but I think his ego was bruised more than his backside. He should know better than to mess with Ramona.

Janet went back to the vet on Wednesday to make sure a little bumble on her foot was healing and see that she didn’t need any follow-up from her chronic poopy butt issues. Luckily, she is doing great. She didn’t even need her foot wrapped again, so she is free from bandages and back to her normal self. Isn’t she cute here? She’s such a sweet girl.

Lionel got good news from the vet this week. His foot infection is finally better, even though he has weird stuff still trying to get out of his foot. He will go back to the vet on Tuesday to have his foot lanced (sorry, gross) and probably have it wrapped for a week or two. But overall, he is so much better than when he arrived. He feels great, walks normal and is feisty as hell. It’s good to see him feeling great.

Lastly, do you remember April Shadow and Willard, the boy she went to live with? She is named Stella now, and she is doing great. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Willard is over 8-years-old and has reached the final days of his life. We want to wish his family all the best right now, and we wish Willard a peaceful, comfortable time for however much time he has left.

This weekend we are headed to Utah for a very quick trip to attend the BlogPaws Conference and Awards show. We found out we were nominated for an award by our good capybara friend Dobby (well maybe his people nominated us), so we just had to go see what it’s about and join in some of the fun.

And after that, the people is taking a sabbatical from her day job to rest and relax for at least a month, maybe longer. I’ve saved a long time for this break, and I really need it. Friday is my last day at a job I’ve been dedicated to for nearly two years. It has been an amazing, challenging, fun time with a smart group of dedicated people. It’s very hard to say goodbye, but sometimes you just know when it’s right.

Keep us in your thoughts as we transition into some downtime before the next new adventure shows itself?

Thanks and quacks,

Tiff & the flock

21. June 2012 by Silly Human
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