Miles to the Vet

This morning Miles had a swim while Lester and Danny girl hung out around the tree trunk pond.

Danny still walks like a drunkard, but she’s doing well in spite of her metal poisoning.

After a nice swim it was time to go to the vet. Miles went for a check-in and Lester (in the blue carrier) tagged along to get his toe nails trimmed. Because Lester is handicapped, he doesn’t wear down his nails like normal ducks, so we had to have them trimmed.

Miles was very happy to have a buddy along for the vet visit.

Miles’ leg is really messed up. The ankle joint is deteriorated and the bone even has a hole where it has eaten away. A little scrape on the foot or leg is all it takes to let in bacteria that can result in septic arthritis and complete joint deterioration. The damage is already done, and it looks like it has been this way for a while.

Miles will always limp, and always have a bit of pain. But he is a light duck and should do okay anyway. He is on longer-term antibiotics to ensure the joint is free of infection, and then he’ll get glucosamine supplements to slow further deterioration. We’ll see how he’s doing in a month.

For now, all is well.

Miles weighed 1.66kg (3.66lbs) at the vet and Lester weighed 1.54kg (3.4lbs).

P.S. Today while Miles was outside, he managed to attack Ramona and regret it, then attack Petunia and regret it. Both Petunia and Ramona do not forgive and for certain do NOT forget. Bad move, Miles. You’ve angered the scovy girls. They have no mercy.

28. January 2012 by Silly Human
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