INCOMING: Lucky the duck

This is Lucky the duck.

He is a friendly mallard who was injured somehow. Maybe by a raccoon. He has some neck scuffs and trouble walking. He may have some nerve damage and he has a little bit of a cold and eye infection.

Lucky is indeed a lucky duck. He was originally attacked by raccoons when he was still in the egg. Some people found him and hatched him out and raised him, then released him on a pretty safe pond. He has lived on that pond with other ducks and has been looked after by those people ever since. Today they noticed he wasn’t acting right and took him to a vet. They run a home business so they can’t rehabilitate him there, so we took him in to rehabilitate him, and then if he can recovery and be re-released, he’ll go back to his people and back to his pond.

They’re paying for his care and we’re just keeping him well-fed, happy, and medicated until we see if he can recover. It’s rare for people to care enough to pay out of pocket for a little duck, so they must be good eggs. We’re happy to have Lucky as a guest and hope he can do well and get back to the wild very soon. Lucky is currently hanging out with Miles, Lester & Danny and doing well.


Tiff and the flock

31. January 2012 by Silly Human
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