Plant Mashers

Lessie is really enjoying the new grasses in the aviary. Can you see him hiding? The grasses help him feel safe.

Unfortunately the chickens have a “scorched earth” policy towards plant life, and even ripped up 4 out of 7 of the brand new “deer proof” plants we planted on Sunday… the day before they ripped them up. I could see them ripping them up live on the webcam, but couldn’t stop them from my desk at work.

This is my first attempt to keep the chickens from ripping up the plants. We’ll see if it works tomorrow. Wish the plants luck!

In other news, we got a prank call today from… a turtle. It turns out it was Jose and Angela, fellow duck nuts. Thankfully my recording has not been posted online yet, and maybe it won’t be. We can only hope! It was pretty fun though, but of course this means I have to plan my payback. Mwah ha haaaaa.

Be afraid, Jose & Angela. Be very afraid.

09. May 2011 by Silly Human
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