Weekend Update

We dropped off Fabio last Saturday, and got to see Reggie & Benson and George, too. Reggie remembered me and came over to say hello. It was great to be remembered.

Reggie & Benson have become friends with Larry Turk, a white muscovy drake who was rescued two years ago and bounced around a bit before ending up at Baahaus. It’s great that so many feathered friends that pass our way have ended up together again.

In other news, the neighbors gave us this great grass when they were rearranging their plants. We took the pool out of this side of the aviary and replaced it with the grass so Lester can be in the aviary without fear of drowning in the pool. As you can see, Petunia has decided that she is king of the grass. The chickens have been tough on it, but I think it’s still alive. Keep your fingers crossed. We also added a few other deer-proof plants this weekend in hopes that the chickens won’t kill them. Lester loves this big pile of grass, and I’m happy he can socialize with the chickens and other ducks during the day now.

Little Olivia developed a cold this Friday night. The side of her head swelled up, which can happen with respiratory infections in chickens. By Sunday her entire head was swollen, which was quite scary. But finally the medication seems to have kicked in and the swelling has gone down. Hopefully she can recover and feel better soon. She’s over 10-years-old so a bad cold is not good for her. She is still eating well and is pretty active, so I’m hopeful that she’ll fight off the infection with her cranky demeanor and be back to her old self in no time.

Ramona is doing well. As you can see here, she is trying to talk me into giving her another treat. But I can tell she is still working on the last treat, so I won’t give her another one (See the bulge in her neck? That’s a little piece of cookie working its way down).

On most mornings, the ducks, clucks and I share one vegan cookie between us for breakfast. Olly Astro has found a way to get the best share of the treats. She jumps up on my lap and eats the cookie right out of the package, if I let her. If not, she has to ask nicely and wait her turn.

Lessie seems a little perkier since he’s been spending days in the aviary. He adjusted well to the new routine, and it gives him a new view and new stuff to do during the day. It’s much better than sitting all day and night in the same spot in his night pen. I think he’s starting to like the chickens, too. But he won’t admit it so don’t ask him.

O’Malley is both sweet and a biter as usual. He has his hands full with both Ramona and his long-term girlfriend Petunia. But he still finds time to bite my ankles and sit on my lap now and then.

Janet and Carol are both doing well and both laying eggs I think. Ramona lays eggs now and then too. We save them and feed them back to the chickens so they get some extra shells and protein to make more.

Last but not least, sweet face Simon is doing well too. He had a great week because he had me all to himself. There are no roosters or sick ducks or recovering chickens or anything else inside the house competing for his attention. There’s just him and me. And that’s the way he likes it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ducks and clucks out there who work with love to raise their babies to be strong, smart birds. Have a great week everyone.

08. May 2011 by Silly Human
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