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rescued dumped goose
This is “Agoostus.” He was dumped at a park in Kent, WA. Some blog friends of ours who rescue pigeons saw him and brought him to me, as he was too friendly and domestic to leave at the park. Agoostus was likely hand-raised, and his nails are even trimmed, so someone obviously cared about him until they threw him away. He is extremely sweet and friendly, and would not have survived at the park.

We are keeping Agoostus until we can transfer him to a forever sanctuary tomorrow. Agoostus is likely young and could live up to 20 years. The care and feeding and housing for 20 years for a goose gets very, very expensive. Could you help us send Agoostus on his way with a little trust fund for his long-term care? His rescuers have already chipped in, and we’re hoping we can raise $500 for him.

We appreciate that money is tight for many people, and we appreciate ALL of our friends and followers. But if you can help us help Agoostus this holiday season, it would mean a lot. Thank you!

Click here to donate via PayPal or credit card.

Then click the image of Kozmo that says “For a good Koz!”

We’ll update the total all evening. Thank you!

WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL AND THEN SOME! THANK YOU!!!!! You all are a wonderful community of compassionate people!

Agoostus says “hep” which I’m pretty sure means “thanks!”

Quacks and clucks, and heps!

Tiff and the flock

30. November 2013 by Silly Human
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