Danny girl and Olly Astro to the vet

Today we took Danny girl and Olly Astro to the vet. I had originally planned to take Olly in because she has had egg issues in the past, similar to what killed Cindy Buttons. I wanted to be sure she was okay since I was so shocked by Cindy’s sudden death. So I booked her for a check-up today. But then I noticed that poor Danny girl has a very swollen inside toe on her left foot. So she came along as well.

I wish I had noticed Danny’s swollen toe earlier, but hopefully it will be okay. She has antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and we’ll keep a close eye on it.

Danny girl has also lost some weight, which isn’t good. I noticed she wasn’t feeding herself well yesterday, and that worried me.

So I brought her inside for the night, along with her buddy Lester Leroy, where I could watch her more closely. When Danny girl is feeling weak, she has trouble lining herself up with the food dish. I noticed her struggling with this tonight. If I grab her and hold her, she eats like a champ. But if she tries to get to the food dish by herself, she stumbles and gives up. This is partially due to her handicap left over from her metal poisoning, before she was rescued, but it could also be because she’s weak right now from her toe infection.

The good news is, she’ll eat really well with some help. So she’s not so weak that she has stopped eating. I think that in addition to her toe, the aviary is just too big of a space for her. She did well in winter because she was mostly in her confined night pen space, with her nest and her food area. In the aviary there’s more room to hide, and she ends up not getting to the food and water dish all day long. She has also been sharing space lately with Miles as well as Lester.

She really likes Miles, but I think he can be too aggressive sometimes, though I’ve never witnessed it. Also, she walks around more in the aviary, which I thought would be good for her. But because of her handicap, she drags her legs a bit, which is what caused her to scrape the top of her toe and get an infection there.

So she’s in the house at night for a while, and Lester is keeping her company. Once she has gained back the weight and her toe has improved, we’ll see if she can stay in a smaller space of the aviary with Lester, near – but not with – her buddy Miles.

As for Olly Astro, she was wrapped up at the vet’s so they could draw some blood. She got a pretty blue bandaid and we’ll know the results of the blood work in a few days.

Overall, she did very well and she looks pretty good. So that’s great. She was kind of mad about having to go to the vet’s office, but very happy to be home.

Lastly, we ran into this guy Buddy at the vet’s office. He’s a bird of a friend of ours, but we didn’t know he’d be at the vet while we were there. It was nice to say hello to a fellow bird nut.

We’ll keep you posted on Danny girl as well as Olly’s test results. Everything looks pretty good for now though. We’re just being cautious with Olly and Danny girl’s toe should mend up pretty quickly.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

26. April 2013 by Silly Human
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