Happy Anniversary, Danny girl and Lester

Danny girl and Lester have been together for over a year now, so we wanted to wish them a happy anniversary.

Danny girl came to us in December 2011 in very bad shape. She was extremely sick and had been left untreated for at least a week.

After a trip to the vet, we found out she had eaten a big slug of metal, and it was slowly poisoning her. The metal took months to dissolve, so Danny required twice daily chelation treatment for a long time.

It was a cold few weeks when she first arrived, so she and Lester were both in the house in a play pen to stay warm. Danny girl took to him immediately, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Both Danny girl and Lester Leroy are handicapped. Danny is left with neurological issues from the metal poisoning. Her thinking is fine, but her motor skills are affected and she has trouble walking. Lester has spinal damage from a bite to his spine, and some leg damage. Neither of them are in pain, but they both need extra help getting around. They also need help staying dry, keeping warm and staying safe from the other ducks and chickens.

For a long time, if I wanted to move the ducks to the aviary, I just had to pick up Danny girl and carry her, and all the boys would follow along after her. But that left Lester behind, since he has trouble walking. Then one day I discovered that Danny girl would follow Lester. So I picked him up, Danny followed him, and all the boys followed her. So now that’s how we move everyone from the secure night pens to the day aviary. It’s quite a parade.

Danny girl and Lester were both right on the edge of death when we first met them. Lester was considered for euthanasia since his handicap was so extensive. And Danny girl was the sickest duck I’d ever treated.

I’m actually surprised that both of them were able to recover so well. Today, while they’re both still handicapped, they love life and really enjoy each others’ company. They’re inseparable. They’re a pair. And they’re very sweet and protective of each other.

We wish a very happy anniversary to these very special kids, Lester and Danny girl. May they have many more happy years together.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and the flock

05. January 2013 by Silly Human
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