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lenora bea
The new girl had a great day. She wasn’t picked on too much, and within a few hours, she was able to spend the full afternoon with the other muscovies in the aviary, unsupervised. O’Malley and Ramona mostly leave her alone, but Petunia follows her and threatens her a lot. Fortunately, Petunia is getting old and doesn’t move very fast, so the new girl can just keep walking away. She is a very sweet kid and I think she is fitting in really well. Before the scovies accepted her, she was willing to join the other duck boys or even the chickens. She just wants to be with feathered friends.

So say hello to Lenora Bea. She goes by Bea most of the time, but her full name is for formal occasions and special events.

Nice to meet you, Bea.

04. November 2012 by Silly Human
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