September Update

Everything is going well here at Ducks and Clucks.

danny girl
Danny girl is doing well. She loves hanging out with her boys in the aviary each day, but her favorite thing is eating dinner in the evenings. She squeals like a little piglet when she gets her evening duck chow.

Her favorite guy is Lester, who is doing well too. Lessie is done molting, and his new feathers are beautiful. He flies a little too well for me to carry him across the yard, and nearly flies out of my hands every day.

Miles, Lucky and Lionel are their usual comical selves, and keep us all entertained with their constant goofy antics.

The silly human has been busy trying to start a company, and having fun along the way with all new experiences.

The scovies are molting right now. It looks like a pillow exploded in the aviary. Ramona, who you may remember has aggressive lymphoma, is still doing well on steroids. We’re happy she has been able to stay comfortable and happy for so long after her diagnosis. Hopefully she’ll have even more time with us.

Ramona is the only one who keeps Cindy Buttons in line, so it’s great that she still has some strength. Cindy has become a treat stealer and a duck stomper. She chases the ducks and picks on them, except for Ramona. The Ramona Monster doesn’t put up with that crap, and dishes it right back to Cindy, which is pretty fun to watch as long as they don’t hurt each other.

O’Malley looks pretty silly without his head crest, but it should grow back in very soon.

Carol still pecks me every morning to pet her face and feathers. She really loves the attention and affection now, which really surprises me since she was such a terror when she first arrived here.

The rest of the flock is doing great, too… including the furball.

He is chock full of expressions but this is one of my favorites. He was grooming his belly and nearly fell asleep. He is quite a goof, and still looks pretty good for an old guy of 16+ years.

That’s about it for this update of ducks and clucks. It’s been a good, peaceful month and we’ll take all of those that we can get.

SPECIAL NOTE: This time of year, through the end of November, is often a very active time for raccoons in the Northwest. Take EXTRA care to keep your flocks safe and do not underestimate raccoons. They can attack any time of day or night, can reach through chicken wire, easily climb over fences and even turn locks and doorknobs. Double check that your flock is secure, and stay safe out there!

30. September 2012 by Silly Human
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