Baby ducky to the sanctuary

Today we took the ferry to Vashon Island to drop off the baby duckling at his new forever sanctuary.

baby ducky
The baby duckling is a very lucky duck.

He gets to live at Baahaus with George, Cowboy (center, with the white chest behind the Canada goose) and all the other awesome animals that have been saved by Baahaus.

We got to see Benson and Reggie, who are both doing great. They look a little scruffy right now because they are getting ready to molt, but they are as goofy and silly as ever.

I even got to hold Fabio, the most fabulous fluffy rooster ever. You may remember that we rescued him last year and treated him for a bad infection before taking him to Baahaus. They say he is still the sweetest little guy, and still affectionate and friendly.

The baby duck will live in an area near Fabio, with several other ducks. He was so happy to be near other ducks again and settled right in like he was meant to be there.

veggie grill
On the way home, we stopped at the new Veggie Grill that just opened in Seattle. It is all vegan and all delicious!

Then we came home and cuddled with Simon for a while before doing some work.

It’s great that Baahaus was able to take in this little ducky and keep him safe. If you’d like to help support their great work, consider mailing them a donation.

26. August 2012 by Silly Human
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