The Gosling Fairy Came!

This morning we woke up to an email from the Seattle Parks department saying park goers reported a baby gosling left unattended in the nest for over 15-hours. The nest is on top of that cement round block. People had seen the gosling alone in the evening and returned in the morning to see him alone again, with no other goslings and no parent geese around. This time of year it’s really easy to inadvertently goose-nap a perfectly fine gosling, but this sounded like a genuine case of an orphaned gosling, so we went to check it out.

high five
High five, little dude! When we got to the park, the gosling was wet and cold, so we snatched him up and snuggled him close to dry him off and warm him up. The parks people had waders, so they had retrieved the gosling from the cement block already. It’s possible his nest was just abandoned or he hatched late and was left behind… it’s hard to tell since the nest is out in the middle of the water.

Here you can see the baby gosling is already trying to preen his feathers and dry himself off, but then he gets sleepy and has to rest. We drove the baby to PAWS in Lynnwood, WA where he’ll be rehabilitated and re-released back to the wild if he does well. He seemed pretty strong and peepy to me, so hopefully he can gain strength and grow up strong.

I named the little baby Felix after our good goose friend who passed away in the Netherlands recently, part of our friend Peter’s flock. Felix was a strong, proud gander, and it is a perfect name to pass on to a new baby Canada gosling. I gave this little guy a pep talk before turning him over to PAWS, telling him I was very sorry he wouldn’t be raised by his goose parents, but that he will be safe and have friends and food and love until he is big-enough to take on the world by himself.

I went back to the park to call to the nest and see if I could hear any more peeping, but all the peeps I heard were from these little mallard ducklings.

I left these ducklings with their mom and dad and left the goose nest alone, hoping there were no more hatching orphans in the nest. I may go back one last time tonight to see if there’s any sign of parents, but at least Felix will have a good chance at growing up to be a wild Canada goose.

If you would like to donate to the care of Felix the baby Canada gosling, you can donate directly to PAWS here:

He’s a lucky little goose.

Quacks and clucks (and honks),


P.S. This is the exact pond where Monroe and Cowboy were rescued.

22. April 2012 by Silly Human
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