Toro to the Vet

Toro roo went to the vet on Tuesday to have his swollen toe examined, and also to have a quality of life evaluation. Because Toro is a broiler or meat bird, he was bred to be extremely overweight and grow very fast. He has always had trouble walking, and broilers don’t normally live very long lives, so I wanted the vet to give an objective opinion on my plan for Toro.

Thankfully, she agreed that Toro is good for now. We will treat his swollen toe and get that feeling better, and he’ll be able to live a while longer, as long as he can get up and move around comfortably to reach food and water, and as long as his keel and belly are not sore from sitting so much.

He really is a happy giant rooster ball, and I love having him around. I was even able to move him back outside because his crow is very quiet and he rarely crows at all.

In other news, long-time followers of my blog might remember years ago when I had my nephew “the teenager” living with me for a year.

fast forward
Fast forward to six years later and he’s all grown up! Ethan graduated from high school and completed 4 years in the US Marine Corp. Now he is in college in Southern Idaho and doing pretty well. That haircut he is sporting is a post-Marines special. He was in Seattle this week on spring break and spent the time cleaning my house! How awesome is that?

That’s it for tonight. Toro the round rooster ball is sleepy. We’ll keep you posted on his toe and his handsomeness.


29. March 2012 by Silly Human
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