New Guy, Snow and More

This is the new kid on the flock. He hasn’t told us his name yet, but I’m sure he will soon. He is a domestic Rouen duck. He came to us through a Facebook friend after spending a month at a wildlife rescue. He has a bum leg which is probably a septic joint infection. Otherwise he’s not too bad. Just a bit of parasites from his previous life on the streets.

He is on antibiotics and his leg has a good chance of improving so he can be placed in a forever home. He is not super friendly, but he’s super soft and puts up with me rubbing his belly feathers when I give him shots, so that works well.

In other news, SNOW has come to Seattle. This was just the beginning. We have just over 2″ now at home, but the bad part is the heavy snow collapsed part of the aviary net. We’re going to wait out the week to repair it as more snow is on the way. Heavy, wet snow gets stuck on the tarp that gives the kids some covered area to stay dry under. Instead of stretching the net, two poles just punched through it. I went out to sweep snow off the tarp and net, but I waited too long. I think the net is getting brittle and will need to be replaced this summer, but for now it will be an easy repair with some zip ties. We took the tarp off until the snow storms pass, so the kids will stay mostly locked up in their covered night pens. They don’t seem to mind because it’s cold and there’s no green grass or ground to scratch.

Handsome Cowboy is adjusting well to his forever sanctuary after losing his mate Monroe to a dog bite. We got a note from Baahaus that says, “He has graduated to geese, Jeff the Canada goose and Erika, the bad wing Toulouse. They are really sweet together. And can that Cowboy ever sing! He is the most talkative goose ever!”

As for our permanent residents, everyone is doing well right now. Here are a few details on some of them.

Toro is still a giant rooster ball. He is a happy, lovable character and loves his daily routine. He happily comes in at night so his early-morning crowing won’t disturb the neighbors, but he can’t wait to get back outside to hang with his lady hens all day.

Olivia is doing well, in spite of her old age. She is our oldest resident right now, next to Simon the cat. Olivia is somewhere over 10-years-old now, and going strong. She is a real sucker for Cheerios and loves cat kibble treats. Otherwise, she keeps her distance from me.

Olly Astro is doing great, too. If you recall, she was spayed after having stuck yolks and recurring reproductive problems. Even though she doesn’t lay eggs, she loves to sit on them in hopes they’ll hatch. She is a sweet girl and pretty friendly.

Petunia is a good, good girl. She loves O’Malley and even gets along well with Ramona now.

They stand together every day by the pool and preen their feathers.

O’Malley is still my sweet boy. Here he is guarding the morning treats. He is a big lovable lug and insists on lap time every day, or else! If he doesn’t get his lap time, he’ll bite until he gets his way.

Lastly, Danny girl continues to be stable. She is the runner duck who swallowed the metal. She continues chelation medication to keep metals from building up in her system, and we hope the metal will degrade and pass on its own. As long as she is stable, this is the best option. Surgery is risky so we want to avoid it at all costs. She will likely always have some residual motor function difficulty from her metal poisoning, but she is a happy, sweet girl and she loves hanging out with Lester Leroy. They make a cute pair.

That’s it for tonight. Happy snowstorms, Seattle!

Thanks and quacks,


15. January 2012 by Silly Human
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