Rescues Update

Today Cowboy came out of his pen for the first time. He really likes his pen, especially his mirror and baby pool. But he came out to visit with Monroe and even ate some grass.

Then he tried to eat the water bowl.

From various angles.

He stood guard over his girl Monroe for a while, but then it was time for Danny and Monroe to go to the vet.

Danny did good at the vet. The metal is still there, but it looks a little smaller, and she continues to gain weight, which is good. She is molting, either from the metal toxicity or the drugs to fight it, but all in all she is stable and doing as well as can be expected. She will do another two weeks of a gentler chelation drug and then go back to check in again. The goal is to get the metal to disperse on its own without having to do surgery. There’s no telling how long that will take, but as long as she is stable, it is the best option. She remains super cute.

Unfortunately Monroe’s vet visit didn’t go as well. She went in so we could check her wound and see if we could try anything else to help her system start working better. She likely has nerve damage from the dog bite and her muscles can’t push waste through her system. It could improve with time though. She has lost a little weight since last time but not much, and she had a blockage last time so she could have weighed more because of that.

But as the vet was cleaning the dog-bite wound, just irrigating it with some antiseptic, two arteries burst and blood started pouring straight up out of Monroe, up onto the walls. It was an immediate emergency and the arteries were likely damaged from the dog bite. If they hadn’t burst there they could have burst at any time and she would have died at home. The surgeon was able to suture them, but they were definitely weak. Monroe spent the rest of the day at the vet to see if she remained stable. She lost a fair amount of blood and that isn’t good. But she perked up at the end of the day and so she was allowed to come home.

On the good side, Monroe has shown she can stand up and put weight on both feet. This is pretty remarkable considering her fractured pelvis. She is also fairly stable and we’re able to keep her very comfortable with medicine. So while it’s hard to say if she can fully recover yet, as long as she is comfortable, we will give her every chance to recover. If she starts to be in too much pain or too agitated, we won’t want her to suffer. But for now, even with today’s big scare, she is content and comfortable, and she really enjoys getting to see her buddy Cowboy.

So that’s the scary update for today. We don’t like seeing blood shooting up out of our rescues. We came home and took a nap.

If you’d like to donate to Monroe or Danny’s vet care, you can read about how to make a contribution here.

As always, thanks and honks and quacks and clucks.

07. January 2012 by Silly Human
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